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On August 4, 2014 Modern Spaces opened the doors to the Commercial + Investment Division. Led by Evan Daniel, Modern Spaces now has a strong focus on investment sales to compliment it’s already dominant residential brokerage force. The Commercial and Investment Division serves property owners with asset valuation and dissemination, long term strategic planning, and up to date market data that is specific to their location. 

Seller Representation

Modern Spaces’ Commercial + Investment Division focuses on SELLER REPRESENTATION only. It is imperative that you, as a property owner, have a specialist in your corner to make sure your needs are served. Our allegiance is always to the property owner to ensure that you receive the highest and best price during the sale of your asset. 

Market Expertise & Neighborhood Coverage

Each Commercial + Investment Division agent focuses on specific geographic areas to ensure market expertise. Each neighborhood and in some cases, even the streets within a neighborhood are very different. It is important to you, the property owner, to have a specialist with intimate knowledge of your neighborhood represent you. Our market specialists are better suited to give you up to date information and justify why a buyer should pay more for your asset. This also benefits our firm internally as all of our brokers share information. We in turn are better suited to share that information with property owners.


Evan Daniel brings to Modern Spaces 9 years of commercial and investment property sales experience. Evan specializes in Queens hotbed Long Island City and Astoria where he has successfully transacted on over 100 properties worth a gross consideration of approximately $765 million. He has also provided the valuation and consulted on over 1,250 properties valued at over $9 billion.  

Maximize Property Visibility

Information is power.  As growing premiere brokerage firm, Modern Spaces has more up to minute information than anyone else. As the our company and the markets continue to grow, new development has the greatest impact on all other asset classes. As neighborhoods grow and change, Modern Spaces is best suited to compile and supply data to our markets.

When it comes to marketing an asset, the most important aspect of any campaign is EXPOSURE. Modern Spaces utilizes it’s neighborhood dominance, community affiliations and status as most recognized neighborhood broker to expose the asset to the widest possible audience. We also cooperate with thousands of brokers to ensure that your property is seen by everyone. More exposure, more eyes on the property, more offers, higher price, better terms.

Proven Track Record

As the market continues to improve, Modern Spaces is well ahead of the curve. As property values continue to climb, we have been able to stay ahead of the curve and set record land prices in all areas. 

Competitive edge

As a growing enterprise within an already large field of competitors, Modern Spaces is purely focused on client satisfaction.  We focus on making sure that our clients needs are met, both in the final sale price and closing expenses to make the largest profit possible.